Empowering Teachers Worldwide Talks- Annie Altamirano

Tenemos el agrado de invitarlos al próximo evento coorganizado con el Instituto Superior Juan XXIII y Dto. de Inglés del Instituto Superior Juan XXIII “Empowering Teachers Worldwide Talks” a cargo de MA. Annie Altamirano, que se realizará el día 5 de noviembre de 9:30 a 12:00hs. en Vieytes 286 (Aula Magna)
El mismo constará de 2 presentaciones:
Improving students writing through formative assessment.
Abstract: Students often find writing the most challenging skill to develop, even in their own language and teachers frequently try to overcome their difficulties by giving more and more practice. But writing more and more sometimes results in students making mistakes more easily and receiving a grade does not help them understand what they can do to improve. So, how can we help them become better writers?The answer is formative assessment. In this session, I will explain and give examples of how formative assessment can help students experience small wins which will contribute significantly to their motivation and confidence as writers.
The power of a promise
Abstract: Storytelling is widely accepted as one of the most natural and effective ways of introducing children to continuous and coherent spoken discourse (Cameron 2001). Children enjoy listening to stories in their mother tongue and are familiar with narrative conventions from an early age. Therefore, storybooks can provide an excellent introduction to learning a foreign language and they can also act as a springboard for a wide variety of cross curricular activities, critical thinking development and teaching of values.In this session, I will present a few classroom ideas based on ‘The Promise’, a storybook written by ©Nicola Davies, author of ‘The Day War Came’, and illustrated by ©Laura Carlin, published by Walker Books Ltd (2013).
Los costos son:
Socios de APIBB, estudiantes y profesores del Instituto Juan XXIII – Gratis
No socios: $1000
Estudiantes de otros profesorados: $500
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